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Please feel free to use this site  as you please > if you wish to donate  i would be pleased to accept > the  PAYPAL  DONATE button above  will allow you to do this . This is a totally secure  method of transfering funds via  PAYPAL...   

 .......  downloads available from my soundclick site     music from several  projects available . Get in touch for other projects not featured  as I have several hundred other tunes available.

DIN  by Germinal   is  no longer available from  Cowboy Junkies ( correct me if I am wrong guys ) Junk Store  >>> email me for a copy   >> from £ 3000 .. negotiable ... upwards only  

         Thankyou      Richard J OCallaghan



how insensitive

£ 100000 

Blu ray disc featuring "howinsensitive"    1 copy only with handmade inlay 

post free

                  new video   ...   Enchanted   ____   free art ----  free post      £250,000    ,,,,,,,,.......

INTERPLAY > he's probably seeing snakes

£ 50000.00 

a 12 inch vinyl featuring the audio track INTERPLAY > he.s probably seeing snakes .  + a remix                for a print of the cover art add £10000..     postage free ..


'thechildrenswar' 2011 remix

£ 15000 

a series of eight videos  > £1500 each or £15,000 for the series (includes extras)

contact 4 details


£ 15000 

remix of the 1986 GERMINAL EP  DIN  in three parts  ... available as vinyl or cd

the Clee Che series

£ 25000 

a one off series of pieces by ocallaghan/clee che  recorded on to 3 micro cassettes , available as a set , in a hand made box with a signed insert with a handwitten text ,


£ 1500 

The Bee, the dandelion and the Albatross


 the de constructing of miss green   <  one DVD only >   £25,000    

an arch to nowhere ......

$ 50000 USD

livadas/ocallaghan    download only   parts 1/2/3/4 



£ 2500 

filmcollage/music to The Childrens War  series of poems by Shaindel Beers .
Once payment is received  a hand finished DVD (for the first 25 only ) will be posted .
Please add postage amount to total .

All introduction copies now sold ...

only 12  hand finished copies now available > From £2500 each (inc postage )

MP3 downloads

£ 5.00 


$ 5000 USD

oil painting


a Blue Ray disc  of Chemistries available NOW    >>>one ONLY   £5000,000          hand drawn /written liners >>>  postage free ......   


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